Stand Out From The Crowd

Let’s face it: You aren’t the only one who does what you do. Heck, you probably aren’t the only one who does what you do in your immediate area.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? The first step is getting the attention of a prospective customer. So what do prospects see when they look at your marketing and that of your competitors? Do you look like everyone else? We can help you fix that.

Fresh business cards can make a serious impression on prospects. Updating your brand with new colors, fonts, or patterns can catapult a tired and dated brand aesthetic into the modern age.

Tie it all together with a new logo that you can proudly stand behind. But why stop there? A new or updated website can establish your virtual presence, unify your brand across all platforms as well, and open the door to new and exciting ways to capture business.

Whether your business needs a little touch-up or a whole new paint job, let Roundpeg help create and define the new you – a you that will stand out from the crowd.

We have over a decade of experience building bold and beautiful websites on WordPress and use a comprehensive design process to create graphic design and branding products that perfectly capture your business.

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Our outlines, worksheets and checklists will help you start your planning process. If you get stuck, we are here to help.


Your logo, color, font, icons and the images you use all come together to define the impression your customers have of you.


Creating a customer persona defines an ideal customer and allows you to focus your product designs and marketing messages.


Why should they buy from you? A position statement defines your company in terms which are relevant to prospective customers.