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about the project

Founder Retha Parsly had a vision for a business that brought together people who often feel isolated as they are left out of traditional social interactions.

She saw how her son, who has autism, blossomed when he struck up a friendship with an older man living in a nursing home. Watching the positive impact their friendship had on both of them, the foundation of her new business emerged.

the challenge

Retha had the idea but wasn’t even sure what to call her business. As we listened to her describe her vision lots of ideas bubbled up.

We considered lots of words to describe the relationship like buddy, friend, and chum until we settled on pal.

We loved the double meaning of the word cloverleaf. It conveyed both luck that two people could find a connection that brought them joy and the idea of roads intersecting.

Once we had a name it was on to the logo and literature to tell the story.

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