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ElevationAlly Logo Horizontal White

about the project

Elevation Ally is a career consulting agency. Founder, Arlena Jackson came to us to develop an identity that was both strong and feminine.

She wanted an icon that would convey a sense of upward motion that could be used separately on social media.

Look closely and you will see both the “a” and the “e” in the icon. The shades of blue we convey both serenity and confidence.

Beyond social media, the avatar is flexible enough to be used as part of a repeating pattern.

This pattern is an ideal background texture for the business card and powerpoint templates.

original logo concepts


final logo concepts

ElevationAlly Logo Avatar WhiteOnLightBlue
ElevationAlly Logo Avatar WhiteOnGradientBlue
ElevationAlly Logo Avatar WhiteOnDarkBlue
ElevationAlly Logo Avatar LightBlue
ElevationAlly Logo Horizontal LightBlue
ElevationAlly Logo Horizontal DarkBlue
ElevationAlly Logo Horizontal FullColor

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