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about the project

After serving the Indianapolis’ heating and cooling needs since 1974, Breedlove Dobbs Heating and Cooling was ready for a change.  People often mispronounced their name. They believed switching to Hoosier Indoor Air  would be more memorable, and more relevant.  They  turned to Roundpeg for a new logo and website to launch their rebranding campaign. 

process of the logo

Being an established local company, Hoosier Indoor Air needed a logo that, while distinct, had a comforting familiarity that would resonate both with a new audience as well as their very loyal customer base. So, we first made the recommendation to retain their signature purple and green company colors, a very unique combination in the HVAC industry.

With the color scheme established, we then went through several different design drafts for Hoosier Indoor Air’s logo. The early drafts of the logo featured some subtle design elements such as an Indiana-shaped home, connected rings symbolizing the company’s close proximity to their customer’s community, and rush of air serving as the crosses within the “H” and “A” each with font styles that were departures from the Breedlove Dobbs style.

about the logo

The logo ultimately chosen featured a subtle “H.I.A” inside the design of the house icon and featured a bold font that resonated with the owner of Hoosier Indoor Air. The font used was similar to the original Breedlove Dobbs font, but was different enough that it created that familiar connection between new and old that they were looking for.

the results

The final logo design presented an opportunity for Hoosier Indoor Air to make an exciting entrance into a brand new service area while retaining a familiar look and feel that would not alienate their current loyal customers and easily introduce into co-branded material to aid the name transition.

With a logo design in place, this also meant we now had a styling we could build off of and incorporate into the web design process with font choices, icon design, and other landing page styling elements.

BLD Logo
HIA logo sketches
Hoosier indoor air logo suite web res full color

about the website

The current website for Breedlove Dobbs featured cluttered and unorganized information, uninteresting landing pages created by a lack of photography and equipment images, and did not include simple opportunities for contact form submissions and lead generation.

We identified that the use of photography featuring happy and comfortable people in their homes on the new Hoosier Indoor Air website would be important for establishing a connection and trust with their new audience, which would have to be reinforced through testimonials and other sections driving the message that the company is “in your neighborhood” and ready to help home.

In the final Hoosier Indoor Air web design, we created a much cleaner and simplified navigation that drove to landing pages that featured more robust information about their heating and cooling products and services. Each interior page features photography and product images prominently along with subtle animate to create more interest on the pages.

The new site also features a mini contact form across the top of each page, which creates more opportunities for lead generation across the site as visitors can now more easily contact them to schedule an appointment or learn more about their services regardless of the page they are on.

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