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about the project

the challenge:

Home to Indy’s Paula Henry has forged a unique brand all her own which doesn’t rely on a national real estate company’s brand.

She came to us to help her redesign her logo and update all her collateral—note cards, business cards, a folder, and other tools of the trade—to show just who she was as a real estate agent.

redesign goals

  • Give a fresh, distinctive look to an existing brand
  • Design within the client’s current colors
  • Carry design through a range of collateral
HomeToIndy Branding

before the redesign

Paula’s old logo was a cold, generic compass logo, didn’t convey how comfortable and easy it is to work with Paula to buy a home.

HomeToIndy Cards

after the redesign

In the final design the housed blended seamlessly into the negative space, and the path leading to its door was a perfect representation of her tagline, “the road home begins here.”

The logo needed to be compatible with Paula’s existing website, so we kept the red, gray, and black of her current branding. She wanted a literal logo, something which showed a house or a home rather than an abstract or stylized art element.

We put together a slate of four logos, each with a cute home of its own. Paula was attracted to the bold red logo with a home under the crossbar of the H.

the results

Paula has a wealth of new collateral, also designed by Roundpeg, with her instantly recognizable logo stamped across each one. They make perfect handouts at open houses, networking events, and closings.

  • Bold, unique logo
  • Instantly recognizable brand
  • Folders, business cards, and note cards, oh my!

Now, there’s no way Home to Indy will be lost in the crowd.

“When I decided to revamp my logo, I knew I would enlist the experts at Roundpeg. They had previously helped me with a blog and logo redesign. Lorraine and her team have a keen sense of style and design unmatched in the industry.

I met with Lorraine and Jenna (the designer at Roundpeg) to talk about my ideas for my new logo. After explaining my goals with a new logo, they went right to work. Within a week, Jenna had four distinct designs ready for me to review. They were all so good, it took me more time to decide which one I wanted than it did for her to create them.

Eventually, I did decide and couldn’t be happier with the end result. Their unique design process included a full brand identity package. The comments and praise I receive for my new brand identity have all been positive. People even ask me,” who did your new logo design?” Of course, I would like to keep it my secret, but with the great work Roundpeg does, they are already well known for their creativity and business marketing genius. Thanks, Roundpeg!”

Paula Henry, Owner

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