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about the project

the challenge

SouthCross Security has provided reliable and affordable residential and commercial security systems for over a decade.

Their new product, Leak Alert, provides the ability to detect early leaks and send instant notifications to those that can take care of it – making it perfect for property managers.

LeakAlert tradeshow

a race against the clock

The team at SouthCross knew the best way to introduce Leak Alert was to talk to property managers face-to-face at upcoming trade shows. They came to us just 5 weeks before the first event.

They needed printed and digital information on Leak Alert (including a logo), trade show banners, table cloths and business cards as well as a follow-up email campaign

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the solution

This project was all about strategy and timing as we outlined objectives and reasonable solutions that could be completed on their tight timeline.

project goals:

  • Design tradeshow display and handouts
  • Create a simple landing page where we could showcase a video and conversion form
  • Establish a post-show follow-up campaign
  • Deliver everything before their first trade show just five weeks away

leak alert logo

The new needed to compliment the existing SouthCross branding but convey a strong separate message.

Using the circular shape of the SouthCross logo as a starting point, we employed a bold, in your face font.

Multiple versions were created to be used across different promotional material and against different colored backgrounds.

trade show items

Banners, business cards, postcards, and a tablecloth created a professional display for a 10 x 10 booth where the team from SouthCross could meet with prospective customers.

A huge part of the success of this project was the team at Davant Printing, who worked closely with us to produce and deliver all the pieces on time.

leak alert landing page

While a full redesign of the SouthCross website was in the works (see example above) we needed a custom landing page to answer additional questions after the trade show conversations.

The page was designed to drive action by focusing on specific pain points for property managers and presenting Leak Alert as the best solution in both text and video.

the results

SouthCross was outfitted with the physical assets they needed to promote their new product and stand out on the trade show floor, with bold branding colors and a new logo. They were well equipped with digital tools to follow up after the show to cultivate relationships with new prospects. The new landing page set the groundwork for a new website design that launched in fall of 2019.

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