Big Campaign. Tiny Timeframe.

The Challenge

Southcross has provided reliable and affordable residential and commercial security systems for over a decade. Their new product, Leak Alert, provides the ability to detect early leaks and send instant notifications to those that can take care of it – making it perfect for property managers.

Southcross felt the best way to introduce their new product would be at an upcoming trade show. The only problem: they had no printed or digital information on Leak Alert (including a logo), no way to alert or follow up with customers and prospects and no banners or signs to bring to their tradeshows.

They came to Roundpeg for help…

and needed everything within 5 weeks.

The Solution

Roundpeg immediately got to work outlining objectives and solutions for Southcross that could be completed on their tight timeline.


Project Goals:
  • Design fresh and exciting branded pieces to display and hand out at the trade show
  • Create a landing page to promote Leak Alert
  • Establish post-show follow-up campaign
  • Work within their existing branding
  • Deliver everything before their first trade show

Leak Alert Logo

The new Leak Alert logo needed to fit within the existing Southcross branding but needed to be dynamic enough to stand on its own.

Using the circular shape of the Southcross logo as a starting point, we designed a circular emblem with bold, in your face font and kept the strong black and yellow brand colors of Southcross.

Multiple versions were created to be able to use across different promotional material and against different colored backgrounds.

Trade Show Items

Roundpeg created banners, business cards, postcards and a tablecloth Southcross could bring with them to upcoming trade shows to promote the Leak Alert.

The banners and postcards included impactful messaging about the product and information about the new landing page where people could go to learn more.


Leak Alert Landing Page

Roundpeg created a bold custom landing page to promote Leak Alert and send people to following their trade show from the banner, cards, postcards and newly created email drip campaign on Constant Contact.

The page was strategically designed to drive action by focusing specific pain points for property managers and presenting impactful data.

The page also included a video explaining how the product works and a contact form they could reach Southcross from.

The Results

Southcross was outfitted with the physical assets they needed to promote their new product and stand out on this (and future) trade show floor, utilizing their bold branding colors and a new logo, as well as the digital tools required to effectively follow up after the show to cultivate the relationship with the new prospects they connected with.

The new landing page has set the groundwork for their new website design which will be launched Fall of 2019.