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about the project

The founders of kNOT TODAY, a non-profit committed to bringing communities together to preserve the innocence of childhood, came to us with passion for their mission and a clear idea of the emotions they wanted to convey with their branding. We were excited to take on the challenge.

We kicked off the project with a conversation about their objectives to create awareness, support prevention initiatives, and promote the restoration of exploited children, integrating outcome-based actions and programs.

We then talked about their desire to present a strong, bold image but maintain an approachable persona.

TaLeah started with a number of sketches of different types of knots, some more literal, some which simply gave the impression of a knot. We combined the designs with possible lettering styles.

kt case study logo sketches

Continuing the “gritty” feel, we chose to use black and white photography on the landing page and presentation deck.

We are so excited to be a part of a project which will have such a powerful impact on our community. And it is fun to see our work out in the real world, on stationery, business cards, and even sneakers.

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