Your website is like your online storefront: it needs to draw people in from a distance and make them want to buy from you. At Roundpeg, we create websites that are representative of you, easy to use, full of the functions you need and because they are built on the WordPress platform your website is easy to update. Look at some of the work we’ve done for other clients–how can we help you change your web strategy?

Mishler Plumbing

View the website at mishlerplumbing.com

mishler home


These days almost every website has a large stock photograph on the home page. Nate Mishler wanted something different. The simple blue texture we created was the perfect backdrop for his featured video and call to action.

One of the elements which sets this site apart is the video library. The Divi platform we used to build the site has a simple video plugin which makes uploading a new video as simple as pasting the YouTube link, making it easy for Nate to add new videos as soon as they are available.


Mischler video page

Customers love Mishler Plumbing. That’s obvious when you read just some of the many reviews on this page. To make it easy for Mishler to easily collect reviews we added the submission form which sits at the top of the page. Just a simple click opens a short form for the consumer to fill out without ever leaving this page. The reviews are emailed to the MIshler team, and they can pick the best ones to post on the site. Like the video page, Divi has a testimonial module which formats the comments once they are pasted into the site.


mishler reviews


What our client Nate Mishler had to say:
Roundpeg was great to work with! They were able to understand my vision, tell my story clearly and concisely and let me have control when appropriate while setting boundaries when it wasn’t. Highly recommend them for your next project!

Web Design: Crown Services Inc


The web design project for Crown Services presented our web design team with several challenges. The first was the fact that they serve two very different customers: job seekers and employers. While their brand is consistent in both types of interactions, the messaging and information they provide is very different.

The primary call to action on the home page was designed to function like a traffic sign at a fork in the road, putting visitors on the right path to find the information they came for.


Crown welcome screen and more
The next challenge was the wide range of industries Crown Services serves. There was no single image which would speak to everyone from medical personnel to office workers, to someone on a loading dock in a factory.  Instead we used a composite image, with a subtle blue screen to tell the story and small colored icons underneath to support the images.

The same graphic is used throughout the site to give a sense of continuity to the pages. Using a lighter screen allowed us to place the full color logo and text on top of the image.


crown map


With offices throughout the Midwest, the map serves multiple functions communicating where their offices are located, as well as how many jobs are available.

In addition to job listings, Crown Services offers a wide range of resources to clients and site visitors. We made room for all those tools on the bottom of the home page.


resource section crown

What our client, Karen Siravo said:


Karen Siravo

The Roundpeg team is creative and easy to work with. They were flexible and worked very well with our entire team to understand our business and what we are trying to accomplish.

The best way to put it is “They get us!”.



Advantage Direct 365

View the website at advantagedirect365.com.


Some products don’t have strong photography. That was the case with AdvantageDirect 365.  Sure we could have opted for cheesy stock photos of mailers and flyers as we worked on this web design project.  That would have been fine. Their site would have looked like every one of their competitors.

Since the owners didn’t want to look like a “me too” we took a different design approach. Using their brand colors as a starting point, we created an icon to use across the site. The little pops of color draw the eye and help create a sense of order and consistency, giving visitors visual clues which enhance the browsing experience.

The site was built on the WordPress platform using the Divi theme.  For other examples of sites built using this robust tool check out our portfolio


View the website at hddle.com.

Designing a web page for a company which builds web pages was an interesting challenge.  The team at eImagine built the Hddle app, they could certainly design the web site, so why did the come to us?

Written content. They were excited about the new application they had developed. Solid engineers, they rely on their clients for the written content in the sites they design.  Our writing team help them tell their story in their voice.

Time. When you run a design firm, your client projects always come first. Hiring us to do the design meant the project would finish on time.

Creative collaboration. Working with their designers gave both design teams a chance to bounce idea around, with the end result being significantly better than if either team had worked alone.