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Is it about Mobile, or Mobility?

As a web designer, if you say mobile marketing to me, I immediately think about building a website that’s “responsive.” But mobile marketing is so much more than that. With the launch of the original iPhone, Apple redefined this type of marketing, dramatically expanding what’s possible, allowing businesses to deliver messages to consumers when they are most likely to buy. But that was only the beginning.

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7 Winning Web Designs for Mobile Apps

What’s the website like for your favorite app? I mean, nobody downloads an app on their mobile device by going to a website first. You get it through a download platform like the App Store or Google Play. Your decision to download hinges on the landing page provided by that platform.

But apps still have websites. So who’s visiting those? Mobile app websites, what’s the point of you?

I found eight sites that should help us find out. Many of them share similar elements that make them work. But each has its own twist. And each one is a gorgeous example of responsive web design. All screenshots below are from an iPhone, but I considered how they looked on desktop as well.

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