More than a Few Words – Episode: 372

Don’t Hire a Web Designer

March 15, 2019

Doug Karr dropped by for a conversation about why companies shouldn’t hire a web designer.  


Lorraine Ball


Doug Karr

DK New Media

About Doug Karr


Douglas Karr has worked in the marketing and technology space now for over two decades, preceded by a decade in the newspaper, direct marketing, and direct mail industries. He’s respected throughout the world as a passionate and relentless marketer who has helped hundreds of companies advance their digital marketing strategies.

Douglas is proud of the following accomplishments:

      • Single Father of two amazing children (now adults). Bill is a data scientist with a PhD in Mathematics. Katherine is a PR and Event Management consultant.
      • United States Navy Veteran who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He’s also the founder of Veterans Media, a 501c3 serving Veterans.
      • Founder of MarTech Zone, a publication and podcast reaching over 1 million visitors and listeners each year.
      • Keynote and Public Speaker who speaks on technology innovation, B2B and B2C buying behavior, and digital marketing.
      • Podcast Co-host of Dell Luminaries, a leading podcast interviewing the greatest minds in technology.
      • Published Author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, the original Content Marketing guide for businesses.
      • Integration Expert and developer, across any platform or language.

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