More than a Few Words – Episode: 366

Growing Instagram Fans

February 8, 2019

This week we spoke to Will Hardison about practical ways to grow an Instagram fan base. 


Lorraine Ball


Will Hardison
Audio Advice

About Will Hardison


Will Hardison is the Director of Marketing at Audio Advice, a high-end audio retailer with both brick and mortar stores and a fast-growing ecommerce division. A majority of Hardison’s professional career was spent running his own marketing agency. For over 10 years he helped small businesses grow their fan base through web design, video production, social media, and marketing strategy.

Growing up, Hardison collected sneakers which led him to start his own online sneaker store at the young age of 15 where he sold hard-to-find Nikes and Air Jordans to clients all over the world. After receiving a job offer to work within the sneaker industry, Hardison put his own business on the back burner and accepted the opportunity as brand manager of a premium sneaker cleaning brand, ForceField.

While at ForceField, Hardison was in charge of the overall brand’s strategy, marketing, and retailer partnerships. Highlights of his time at ForceField include growing the Instagram following from 10,000 to 50,000 followers, partnering with Finish Line and Foot Locker EU on tailored content surrounding popular sneaker releases, and managing a brand ambassador with over one million YouTube subscribers. As a result of Hardison’s work, ForceField saw a 45% sales lift in major retailers such as Finish Line.

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