More than a Few Words – Episode: 367

Entrepreneur Mastermind

February 15, 2019

This week our guest, Karmen Fink describes her networking / mastermind group which offers entrepreneurs a safe space to learn, grow and succeed.  

About Karmen Fink


I started out as an Event Planner! Always the life of the party, planning Girls Night Out gatherings, crafting fundraisers bringing multiple communities together in one night, and creating both women’s events and a community carnival at church led me to launch Spark & Celebrate in April 2014. 

 I realized bringing communities together meant from ALL walks of life. We are all ONE! We all desire the same things…to be loved, heard, seen, and wanted. I understand what this feels like because growing up I was shamed, judged, ridiculed, and took on other’s stories on as my own story. I adopted ideas from society including in order to be successful you need an 8am-5pm job with benefits, you need to get married after college, you have to look and act a certain way for people to like you and to belong in the corporate world, and the list goes on.

During this time, I was disconnected from my authentic self and my relationship with God. I also thought I was being punished by God for certain decisions I made earlier in life, when in reality, I felt this way because I was disconnected from God and didn’t Love or value myself. Once I reconnected with who I am at my core and my relationship with God, everything changed! Life started coming together and I showed up differently. 

When there’s a disconnection with our authentic selves and God, this opening is where fear, hatred, bigotry, and lies creep in and impact how we show up and interact in our daily lives. When we are connected with ourselves and God – Love breeds more Love. Only Love is real! At our core, we are unconditional Divine Love.

As I stepped into my gifts and shared them with others, Spark & Celebrate’s offerings shifted. I discovered my passions and my calling is to empower you to co-create an abundant, passionate purposeful life in partnership with God!

Sending you Much Love! 

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