Since the beginning of the year, I have been reading Darren Rowse’s Pro Blogger blog almost every day.   While I still see my blog as a support for my main business and not a business in itself, I love his tips, suggestions, and blogging strategies.

I was inspired by one of his recent posts which featured a list of his top blog posts for the first 3/4 of the year. (Which if you are interested in improving your blog are all worth reading.) So following his lead, I looked a my statistics and found my top ten posts, based on overall traffic since the beginning of the year.

Obviously some of the most popular have had several months to build a following ( the marketing org chart series) but there are others which have been big hits out of the gate.

So these ten of my top blog posts for 2009. if you missed them, here is what others have found worth reading on Business Notes from Roundpeg.

  1. Marketing Organizational Chart
  2. Marketing Organization Chart – Revisited
  3. Discount Tire Gets My Vote
  4. Mistakes are Like Sand Castles
  5. Roundpeg Redesign, Part III – And Then There Were Two
  6. Marketing Org Chart – A Closer Look at Lead Generation
  7. One Page Marketing Plan Anyone Can Use
  8. Six Ways to Focus Your Day – by Guest Author Josh Brammer of Spin Web
  9. Cinderella Magic Wands and Small Business
  10. Pink Cake Box Revisited
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