In December, I shared a marketing organization chart I found on Duct Tape Marketing. This simple post has consistently been one of my most viewed. So I thought it would be valuable to see if I could find other content on this same topic.

I found this graphic from Small Business Trends posted by Peg Corwin of the SBDC in Chicago. The image depicts the various tactics and tools available to drive traffic to your website, which is the center of your small business strategy and  marketing plan .

mktorgOn the outer ring you find many of the social media sites. the national and international ones are interesting,but don’t ignore micro sites serving a small geographic area.  These social media niche sites are a great way to meet local people and then connect face to face.

And while no one can use all of these tools well and still run their small business, you should add a few to your marketing mix. Which of these tools are you using and why?