Written by Jay Mattingly

After much deliberation, creation, and speculation, we have narrowed the  choices for a new website design to two templates, “Corporate” and “Unique”. After selecting the finalists for our redesign, our graphic design guru Taylor created a a mock-up of how each them would look with Roundpeg branding.

I have to admit, when I first saw each theme, I liked the “Corporate” theme much more. But after seeing each Roundpeg version, I think that both themes would play to Roundpeg’s strengths exceedingly well.  And so we would love to have some opinions from other small business owners and marketing professionals.

What do you think of the two templates. Please take a look at the two mock ups below, as well as the functional templates so you get a sense of how the graphics will move, and how you will navigate through the site if we select one or the other template.

We appreciate your input, comments, feedback and suggestions.