sand castleStaring at the ocean, watching the waves inch their way toward a sand castle I realized, the internet is like the ocean.

It moves on its own, while some things will hold it back, for awhile, sooner or later it erodes the barriers which hold it back and continues its path.

It is filled with life, and new organisms’ spring up all the time, while others die and are recycled into the ecosystem.

And sandcastles on the beach are like mistakes. Obviously out of place on the flat sand, they catch your attention, but if they are built too close to the water, in a day or so they have been washed away.

That was one of the key messages I took away from BlogIndiana. Mistakes happen, but with so much content being generated daily, yours will soon be forgotten. Use the mistakes to learn from, to get better, but then move on. If someone else was impacted by your mistake, apologize; make it right, but then move on.

The bottom line is the ocean of the internet will keep moving. And if you don’t want to be swept under, you need to keep swiming.

Ok, so I have played the beach metaphor out as long as I can for now. Back to work!