In Japan they are growing square watermelons! Why? With retail and refrigerator space at a premium, farmers  In Japan searched for a more efficient way to package the traditionally oblong fruit. And it didn’t require any genetic wizardry, either—all you have to do is grow the watermelon in a square box and it will take on the right-angled shape. The result is a product which is cheaper to ship and commands premium pricing.:

Why share this on a marketing blog? Because there are some great take-a-ways for anyone trying to solve a challenging problem:

Don’t Assume Anything.

You may have done something a certain way for a long time, but don’t assume there are no other ways to acheive the same or better results.

Question your habits – Why do you do it that way?  Does it still make sense?Questions are the first step in a continuous improvement process.

Look for a better way.

Do not wait for someone to ask for a better solution.  Successful entrepreneurs find new solutions before there is a need.

Anything is Possible

If you believe you can or can not do something …  you are probably right.  Your beiefs will drive your success. So begin with the assumption you can make anything better.