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by Feb 23, 2021Outside the Box, Blog

Creativity is at the core of Roundpeg. Long before we designed our first website, or developed print and online marketing campaigns, Lorraine taught business owners how to infuse their daily operations with a bit of creativity. That process starts by collecting information, without worrying about how it fits into anything you are doing. Inspiration is everywhere, in what you read, see, or hear. This week, Team ‘Peg shared some of their favorite sources of creative inspiration.

Lorraine I have always been influenced by what I hear, so podcasts are my favorite source of inspiration. This week I listened to Fresh Air, The Rialto Marketing Podcast, Pop Culture Happy Hour, and It’s Been a Minute. What makes a good podcast for me? Sometimes it is the guest, the topic, or the host. I look for conversations that make me think about things from a different perspective or share a suggestion I can apply right away.

Staci It might sound crazy, but I actually turn to TikTok when I’m in a creative rut. The platform is much more than a place to share silly videos. There are so many accounts I follow that create videos on topics such as photoshop tutorials, social media marketing, and even user experience design. Even some brands and businesses share creative videos that show them working “behind-the-scenes.” If you ever feeling like you’re stuck in your job or position, consider checking out TikTok. I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll spark that creative bug in you!

Raven Whenever I am in a creative rut and need some quick inspiration to help me refocus, I like to visit one of my favorite design hubs called land-book.com. Land book is a huge resource that offers different ideas on a wide range of categories such as landing pages, portfolio ideas, blog pages, and even online stores. It is a great community to be a part of and allows you to even upload your own creations for others to enjoy. With so much creativity throughout the website, it is hard to leave without feeling inspired.

Sam My writing efforts are typically focused on informative articles and blogs for our clients spanning a variety of topics from plumbing to beans. With so much ground to cover within each topic, knowing what to write about next can sometimes take some thinking as well as taking time to learn more about the subject. That is why for inspiration I often turn to the news! I know, the guy who used to be a journalist turns to the news… shocking. But really, if you are looking to create content that is relevant, reading about what is happening in the industry you are writing about from news outlets and industry-related publications can help supply you with relevant and timely content.

Simon When I’m crafting a quiz or talking strategy with a client, I’m always thinking about user experience and their flow when engaging with what we’re creating. Inspiration can come from any one of the many things I interact with on a daily basis. Things like software programs or a vending machine have a set way to behave when used – but few things are more guided than a quality video game. From the moment you boot the game to when you decide to call it quits, there are few (if any) opportunities for the gamer to break out of the intended experience set by the developers. This can take a number of different shapes, but the end result is still a video game. Keeping that framework close while developing something new really helps mold it’s creation.

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