I have always been interested in tools which enhance creativity, and techniques which can be used to generate new and creative ideas.  When I started Roundpeg, I hoped to share some of the techniques I had learned with other business owners and managers, but I had a tough time selling the concepts.   Most “busy professionals” saw these tools, as “toys” and the activities as “playing” when they had serious work to do. So Roundpeg became more of a marketing company, with a creative influence.   But every now and then I like to revisit my creative roots so today I thought it would be fun to share links to some of my favorite posts on the topic of creative thinking.

From time to time I return to this topic, because I believe it is important. Particularly when my small business owner clients are facing a wide range of challenges, with limited resources to solve them, they need creative solutions, innovative approaches and new ideas.  They need a spark of creativity. So time and time again, I return to these techniques.   What about you? What are your favorite tools to reach a creative solution?