Then end of another week at Roundpeg. As I head off for a much needed vacation, I leave the team well prepared for the short week ahead.  Blog posts written, customer projects well underway.   And even with all the preparation we still had time for a number of interesting blog posts this past week.

Friday  – LinkedIn for Corporate Lead Generation

Lorraine and Allison go corporate for a LinkedIn training session.

Saturday –Faces of Roundpeg: Making Rain with Tony

Roundpeg’s history would not be complete without mention of Tony Scelzo and Rainmakers.

How Roundpeg Taught Me to be a Honey Badger

Crazy analogy from our latest intern to say good bye. Read Brittany’s parting words as she heads off to the real work world.

Sunday – Small Business Web Design Trends

Lorraine comments on web design trends that are apparent as we continue to find themes for new clients.

Monday – Hidden costs of Year End hiring

Guest blogger, Lindsey Paho, a writer at Professional Intern  is back for another visit.  This month her post focuses on the pros and cons of end of year hiring

Tuesday – Top Ten Social Media Trends via Randi Zuckerberg

During her keynote at Techpoint’s Innovation Summit Randi Zuckerberg talked about how social media has changed, and will continue to change.

Wednesday – The Startup Weekend Experience

Startup Weekend is a global movement which brings together aspiring entrepreneurs to share ideas, form teams and most importantly, launch startups. Imagine taking an idea and turning it into a viable company within 54 hours. It can happen!  Local organizers Jim Bartek and Denver Hutt explained how

School of Life

Many of the real skills you need to run a successful small business can’t be learned in a classroom setting. You can however develop them in places other than your own business.

Thursday  – Blog Fuel with Social Media Examiner

At last week’s Innovation Summit, Lorraine had a chance to interview Michael Stelzner, Executive Editor of Social Media Examiner .  You can listen to the interview here.

Friday – Designing for Dual Audiences – Peter shares some of the challenges of designing a website for the Ohio Irrigation Contractors Association


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