During her keynote at Techpoint’s Innovation Summit Randi Zuckerberg talked about how social media has changed, and will continue to change.  She shared her view on the top 10 social media trends.

  1. Give people a reason to like your page.  With so many pages the days of the random like are over.   You have to offer them some incentive such as specific information or special offers for fans only.
  2. Delight your customer.  Randi talks about the need to engage your customers, and suggested featuring them using your product or just doing something really interesting.
  3. Give your business a human face.  Platforms like facebook allow you to highlight your employees and give people a feel for the faces beyond the brand.  This is something I think we do really well on the Roundpeg page where posts range from photos of the cats, to pictures of our Halloween contest mixed in with blog posts, videos and events.
  4. Free Market Research – With access to consumer, there are fewer and fewer excuses for launching a bad product or a good product with no real market.
  5. Stay Timely and Relevant – Social media allows you to put meaningful information and messages in front of potential clients at the right time
  6. Crowd Sourcing – Social media gives you the ability to leverage the collective genius of your community to solve problems and create content.
  7. New eCommerce – Creative merchants are taking advantage of new capabilities wthin sites like Facebook will bring shopping experiences into the social environment.
  8. New Customer Service – The challenge is to avoid only paying attention to the whining customers, reinforcing the negative behavior.  Randi suggests also reaching out to customers who are happy with your services.
  9. Real Time Interaction –  the world of social is the world of what is happening now.
  10. Beautiful Mobile  – Creating great mobile applications does not mean talking your entire website to mobile, but creating an application which does one thing well.
Social Media in general, and Facebook specifically show no signs of slowing down. Are you ready?