Websites are strange creatures sometimes. They are a platform to send messages to both broad and narrow audiences. The Ohio Irrigation Association called us to make a site that would serve the needs of its members, mainly owners of irrigation firms, and also provide an information resource to consumers looking to install home sprinkler systems. At Roundpeg, our challenge was to find a way to greet and accommodate consumers without overwhelming them with industry jargon.

We used the Indiana Irrigation Contractor Council’s site as a model. Since we’d worked on their website as well, we were able to quickly build the skeleton for on a similar StudioPress theme. This new site solves the dual audience problem by presenting a mixed homepage of general interest information integrated with easy navigation to consumer information and an unobtrusive menu for association members. Navigation buttons direct consumers to the “Find a Contractor” section. When you type in a city or zip code, the table immediately filters to display your nearest service provider. It’s a simple solution that provides a very satisfying outcome for consumers visiting the site.

For irrigation contractors, we made sure to include a full featured blog and a special news feed from the EPA that instantly updates with valuable news content. The combination of an active blog and fresh industry headlines means that visitors will always find something new when they visit the site.

The new is a rich resource for both the public and members of the specialized irrigation industry. Every visitor is served with the information they’re looking for displayed in a format that welcomes consumers as well as the industry experts.


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