Another week, another goodbye as our intern Brittany leaves Roundpeg.  We wish her well as she heads off to a job we have helped her prepare for.

Four months ago I was sitting in front of a computer screen at a job that had no room for growth. I woke up everyday knowing I wasn’t getting anywhere in my present situation and I was frustrated. I had tossed around the idea of quitting and taking an internship but the thought was terrifying.  Could I afford it, was it really a smart idea, was it necessary? Every possible question flashed through my mind a million times.  I had a lot to lose, but I felt like I had so much more to gain. I was right.

In July, I decided to take the plunge and started researching possible intern opportunities that would fit with the pursuit of my master’s degree in public relations. I found Roundpeg, studied the company and culture and loved it. I excitedly turned in my resume, nervously interviewed and crossed my fingers with hope while I waited for a return call. I was ecstatic when I was offered the position and didn’t blink twice about working for free. I sacrificed some unimportant materialistic things in the hopes I would gain knowledge, real world experience and great contacts in the PR industry. That’s exactly what I got. And maybe some more I wasn’t expecting.

I spent the last  three and a half months working with Allison. Oh Allison. Sometimes I hated her, most times I loved her, but I always respected her. She may not be the world’s sweetest teacher, but she made me think and taught me how to be a better and more concise writer. She also taught me to be a honey badger a/k/a have tough skin. On the days when she was an overcritical beast and only talked to me in “phone voice,” I sucked it up, dug deeper and really grew as a PR professional. So thanks Allison, I’m pretty sure I can handle anything at this point.

I say that because the time has come…I finally landed a paying public relations position. It’s not full-time and I’m still looking, but I’m going to get paid to do what I love while I finish up grad school! I’m so excited and proud of myself, but I’m still sad. I’ll miss Roundpeg, the people, the animals and the atmosphere. But I’m walking away from this experience knowing that I’m smarter and much better prepared for life after graduation. And I’m thankful. So thankful for the opportunities that I’ve been given. Thankful that Lorraine, Allison, Jay and Jenna believed in me and my abilities enough to bring me in and spend their time teaching me. I’m better stop now before this post gets too mushy because Allison is super emotional and she’ll start crying and hugging me, again. Geesh.

Just know I’ll be back to visit sometime very soon. Toodles!