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At Roundpeg, we have been blogging regularly for twelve years. As a result, we have a pretty robust library of blogs on web design, social media, email marketing, content marketing, strategy, graphic design, and company culture. With more than 4,500 posts, there are a lot of resources on this website.

How did we accumulate so many posts? Well there were years when we posted an article seven days a week. Fortunately for us, we figured out that even our most loyal fans didn’t want to hear from us that often.

These days we typically post two or three times a week and that is plenty to provide you, our readers, with a closer look at what’s new in the world of digital marketing. While I am sure you have the best intentions to drop by a few times a week to see what is new, I know you are busy. So that’s why today’s blog post is a quick look back at the most popular posts from 2019.

Web Design.

Your website is the center of your marketing, so it is no surprise that posts about web design were some of the most popular this past year. 

Is it time for an update to your website? Raven took a look at six warning signs that your current site is out of date. Even if only one or two of these are true for your website, this post is worth a read. 

From Drab to Fab: 6 Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign


There is more to digital marketing than web design. Some of the most popular posts this year looked at social platforms and even a bit of face to face networking. 

One of the most dramatic changes in the last year is how aggressively Google has attacked the small business market. While previous products such as G+ and Wave barely made a ripple, Google My Business is one we are recommending to all our clients. Simon explains why.

Google My Business, Google Your Business

Making a good first impression is critical, but so is the final impression. On your website, that last impression comes from your footer.   

Do’s and Don’ts of Your Website Footer

We have also been pretty excited about the opportunities of Next Door. The more localized and personal feel give real credibilty to companies endorsed on this platform.

Small Business Advertising Opportunities Can Be Found Nextdoor


When customers come to your website they have questions. That is why a well organized FAQ section is so helpful.

Does Your Website Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When it is time to step out from behind your computer and enter the real world, it can be a little awkward. Knowing how to shake someone’s hand can make those face to face interactions feel a little more comfortable. 

Five Types of Handshakes: What Type Are You?

Did we miss one of your favorites? Be sure to share in the link below!

 More blog posts ahead.  

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