More than a Few Words – Episode: 359

A Closer Look at Guerrilla Marketing

December 21, 2018

This week our guest Alan Silber talked about what’s really at the core of guerrilla marketing.

About Alan (AJ) Silber


AJ Silber is a digital marketing professional and thought leader that advises companies on their search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing strategies and implementation. AJ inspires and empowers teams and individuals to create marketing results that your end customers will love and resonate with. AJ is a veteran in building businesses and brands to see and understand the box, then think outside of it. He encourages this same strategic creative energy with his employee’s and peers and strives for them to “think differently.” 

AJ has been at the helm of multiple decisive engagements with a wide variety of local and national clients. At heart, AJ is an inventor and believes that what we create can always make the world a better place. His constant wish to grow and improve has led him to build an array of software platforms that empower his companies processes, collect rich data and help him and his team make more informed decisions. 

It’s AJ’s personal mission to give back to the entrepreneurial community through education and advisement opportunities. AJ has guided multiple young entrepreneurs with their go-to-market strategies, marketing, and brand strategies and capital requirements. As of late AJ has been holding whiteboard sessions in his local community on content marketing strategies and has been helping these same individuals “stand out in a noisy world.”

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