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Editor’s Note on April 14, 2020: While this post was written in 2017, these video strategy tips still reign true today. Some additional details have been added – the updated notes appear in bold, italic text below.

Remember when videos weren’t even part of a business’ Facebook strategy? Facebook was nothing but text for some time. Then came the photos. Suddenly, it was all about the images.

If your brand wasn’t a visual brand you had to get clever. Company Facebook pages routinely included cartoons, clever memes, and pictures of employees doing strange or interesting things. All of this content was added to encourage people to stop and notice your brand.

That was then. Now it’s about the video. Facebook loves videos and they want you to love them, too. The big incentive for companies to add video to their newsfeed is the fact that Facebook is more likely to share a video post organically than static images.

Facebook Video Options

When it comes to adding a video, there are lots of inexpensive alternatives to professionally produced videos. We talked about some of them in earlier blog posts, like the “in the moment” Facebook Live videos and rotating slideshows of product images. A new trend which seems to be gaining lots of traction are the short video clips with a single call to action.

The average human attention span is getting shorter as social media dominates the world with visual experiences. This is why short video clips are so effective.

Short Facebook Videos

You’ve seen them in your timeline. They’re so short, customers barely have to pause as they scroll down their newsfeed. But, what can you do in such a short amount of time?

Here are two examples of videos we created for our clients, Lathrop Contracting and Tish Flooring. As you look at the videos, you’ll notice the music is a nice touch, but the video is designed to communicate the message even if the sound is turned off. The action in the video captures your attention and holds it long enough for the audience to read the short text and the logo to appear.

Video Content Strategy

It’s not too hard to see why videos are so popular today. Videos provide an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a break from the paragraphs of information we often read on our screens. Plus, it’s fun to kick back and relax while watching a few videos.

Here at Roundpeg, we’ve been incorporating video content into our own marketing strategy for quite some time now. Sam Von Tobel, our content king, records a live video every Monday on Facebook to chat about something with someone from the team. Why does he do it? There are many reasons he does it, but the biggest one is the fact that Facebook shares video content more organically than it does any other type of post.

Create Your 15 Seconds of Fame

Times are changing which is why it’s more important now than ever to add video to your own marketing strategy. Adding video into your advertising and marketing strategy doesn’t have to be tough. Whether you’re creating short, easy-to-digest videos or Facebook Live videos, it’s time to get creative.

For more on the subject of video, check out this episode of More than a Few Words with Melanie Gaston. Video marketing is no longer optional. From simple Facebook live videos to short animated slideshows businesses owners need to have a video marketing plan. If you’re thinking about using video in your marketing strategy, start by looking at what other people are doing. What trends stand out, and which ones could you do without?

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Should I be sharing videos to my Facebook page?

Yes, you definitely should be sharing videos to your Facebook profile or page. Facebook shares video content more organically than it does any other type of post.Answer it here!

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