Remember when Facebook was nothing but text? Then came the photos. Suddenly it was all about the images.

If your brand wasn’t a visual brand you had to get clever. Company Facebook pages routinely included cartoons, clever memes, and pictures of employees doing strange or interesting things. All of this content was added to encourage people to stop and notice your brand.

That was then. Now it is about the video. Facebook loves videos and they want you to love them too. The big incentive for companies to add video to their newsfeed is the fact that Facebook is more likely to share a video post organically than static images.

Facebook Video Options

When it comes to adding a video there are lots of inexpensive alternatives to professionally produced videos. We talked about some of them in earlier blog posts, like the “in the moment”  Facebook Live video and rotating slideshows of product images. A new trend which seems to be gaining lots of traction are the 15 second video clips with a single call to action.

15 Second Facebook Videos

You’ve seen them in your timeline. They are so short, customers barely have to pause as they scroll down their newsfeed. But what can you do in 15 seconds?

Here are two examples of videos we created for clients; Tish Flooring and Randall Beans. As you look at the videos you will notice the music is a nice touch, but the video is designed to communicate the message even if the sound is turned off.  The action in the video captures your attention and holds it long enough for the audience to read the short text and the logo to appear.

Using 15 Second Video in Advertising

In addition to adding variety to your mix of organic content, it can be a powerful part of your overall Facebook advertising strategy.

The mix of clever images and short messages can be used to jumpstart a Carpet Bombing campaign where you target a geographic radius only or with a very limited scope of demographic characteristics to allow you to reach as many potential prospects as possible. Once you have identified an interested audience (people who view the video for 3 – 4 seconds at least) you can now set up a retargeting sequence and send more specific offers.

Another really cool use for these short videos is a part of a Canvas advertisement which allows you to combine video, single images, and slideshows into one engaging mobile advertisement.

15 Second Videos are Simple to Construct

As demand for video has grown, we have seen an explosion of stock video content and a number of easy to use video editing tools. The two examples below were easy to build and allowed us to reach an audience about 10 times the size of our normal post reach.

Interested in getting your own 15-second video?

We are running a special between now and the end of the year. We will create a custom 15-second video using stock video and your logo and upload it to Facebook for $200. This is normally a $350 service, but it is the holidays. Consider it our gift to you!

Just send us a note or give us a call and we will start your video today.

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