Why I’m on Facebook Live Every Monday

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Blog, Content | Social Media | Email, Video/Audio/MTFW

“Good morning! Welcome to another Monday at the Peg.”

If you follow Roundpeg on Facebook there is a good chance you have heard me say these words a time or two. Our weekly Facebook Live show, Monday at the Peg, began with Lorraine at the helm having quick marketing conversations with me and other members of the team. Then, it became more of a regular conversation between Lorraine and I with my Roundpeg cohorts making cameos.

Now, it’s basically my gig as I sit down with one of the Roundpeg gang to talk about, well, a lot of stuff. While the show was grounded in lots of marketing, in order to help make Monday at the Peg a little more divergent from our podcast, More than a Few Words, we bring a little more variety by mixing in marketing talk with a bit of office life, recent news, and the occasional update on the comings and goings of the very busy Roundpeg team (and our pets).

Why do we keep doing it? We have a nice community who watches us every week and the VODs (videos on demand) in the Facebook media library always get views after we sign off, but we aren’t setting Facebook on fire as a viral sensation or anything. It certainly isn’t for my own health or vanity. I mean, I love getting the chance to chat with our fans and I’m OK on camera but let’s face it – I’m no David Letterman.

The reason I’m there to wish you a good morning every Monday is because content creation on Facebook Live is more than just about shooting a video. The power of “going live” is one that is hard to match in the world of social media.

Relevance & Immediacy

If news breaks on a major change that will effect the way you do business, live video presents one of the best ways for you to immediately address it with your customers and community. Sure, a blog post or press release may be a little more formal or elegant, but it require a little extra time to put together. In a time when people expect (and often demand) immediacy, talking about something a week after it happens can be too slow.

Using Facebook Live to deliver an immediate, genuine, off-the-cuff response or provide perspective. Plus, with the ability to create a launch party and alert your community that you are going live, they can join you to ask questions and have them read and answered by you in real-time. This back and forth can help bring you closer to your community in a way that few other mediums can.

Reusable Content

Facebook Live is obviously amazing for “in the moment” content, but once the camera stops rolling the video doesn’t simply go away. The VODs left on Facebook are excellent pieces of content to add to your arsenal. If the video has evergreen relevance, it can be shared again weeks or months later on Facebook. Videos do well across most social media platforms too. So downloading them from Facebook for use across your LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram is an excellent part of your social media strategy.

Your videos are a perfect outbound or inbound link resource as well. Dropping a related blog post or link to your website in the comments of a video gives viewers a logical next step. At the same time, linking from a blog post or landing page to a previous video is a great way to back up the content with additional resources. All of this is to say, a live video’s usefulness isn’t limited to the time it premiers.

A Little Slice of Life

You can convey a little bit of your personality through a blog post or a social media update. But the best way for your audience to get a real idea of who you are is letting them see the actual you! As you aspire to build trust and establish a connection with your social community, live video is a great way to do it. We do it, obviously, because we would hope that the combination of our expertise along with our charm as real people will help people feel more comfortable working with us.

This is an extremely sound thought process for those in the home service industry. Because should they come to you with their business, you want your customers to be comfortable with you and your employees since you’ll be invited into their home. Using live video to show off the personal side of yourself and your employees, whether it is through fluffy “getting to know you” interviews and bios or through product tips and tutorials.

Video has long been the content format of choice on social media, and as Staci and I recently discussed on our Social Media 2020 Facebook Live discussion, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As you look for tools that can make an impact on your social media presence, consider pulling out your phone and “going live.”

And, be sure to join me every Monday on Facebook Live for Monday at the Peg!


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