The party is over we have put our first decade of business to bed, how then did we begin our second decade? For starters, we have a new employee, Whitney Brown and Truman, our new office cat, is feeling more at home. Lorraine is sharing interests outside of the business at

To celebrate Spring, some office team building was in order so Friday afternoon was devoted to paintballing and then off to the movies to see The Hunger Games.

Seems as if we’re frequently changing things up here at the ‘Peg. Perhaps the only regular Spring ritual is opening our windows.

If you’ve had Spring fever and missed our blogs this week, here they are:

Saturday –  The New Lorraine Ball
Really “just” a new where Lorraine writes about all the things that interest me, which have no relationship to business–my favorite photographs, restaurant reviews and comments.

Sunday –  Website Therapy for Michigan AMTA
A new website that’s sure to impress due to the tightly organized, professional and modern feel.

Monday –  Color Swap
Jenna’s at it again, this time swapping out color on familiar logos. What does your choice of color say about your company?

A Friendly Hello
Whitney, Roundpeg’s newest employee, introduces himself in his first blog post.

Tuesday – Your Marketing Cheerleader, Your Marketing Drill Sergeant
Sometimes we’re shrinks, devil’s advocates or friends. Whatever we are, our clients know that they can count on us.

Leadership with Lalita Amos
Lalita Amos of Total Team Solutions  joined us this week for More Than A Few Words.

Wednesday – Social Media Advice from Small Business Owners
Small business owners share their words of wisdom about social media.

Thursday – Small Business Making Changes in Social Media Strategy
Our social media survey reveals interesting trends in social media for 2012.

Friday – It’s Not About You!
Fill your marketing campaigns with things your customers care about.