It’s one thing to have a website that let’s you log in and add new content. It is another to have a website that updates the content the way you intend it to. The Michigan chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association (MI-AMTA) has been running on WordPress for years. However, their previous website was a beast. Unpredictable widgets displayed irrelevant content and cluttered their homepage while the real news stories slipped off the front page days after being posted. This had to change.

We refined MI-AMTA’s system for updating news stories. They can post daily while filtering to keeping vital information stuck to the homepage. During the development process, we also helped them plan the website’s role in the organization’s marketing and educational communications. Online event registration, powered by Eventbrite, will draw hundreds of visitors to the site over the next few months. They’re sure to be impressed by the tightly organized, professional, and modern home of the MI-AMTA.

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