I routinely tell my clients that their marketing is not about them. It is about their customers. Brochures, web copy, email newsletters and direct mail should not be chest thumping proclamations about how great they are. These vehicles should be used to focus on things of interest to the client, even when it doesn’t directly relate to their product.

I say this a lot, and unfortunately, all too often, clients ignore me. While this behavior makes a brochure boring or a networking event less than successful, it is even more damaging to your social media campaigns.

Why? Because it is easier then ever for people to simply tune you out. Now more then ever, you need to earn the right to talk about yourself. Do this by sharing things of interest, even if it isn’t about you. Fill your blog, Facebook and Twitter stream with things your customers care about. For example:

If you are a real estate agent, talk about market conditions or ways to improve the value of your home. Or consider talking about the best neighborhoods or schools, even if you don’t have a listing there. Encourage parents to get involved in their schools. 

If you are a plumber, talk about bathroom designs, not just faucets.  Show pictures of great tubs and showers, as well as interesting floors and walls. 

If you are a marketing company, talk about local businesses, even if they aren’t your client. Convey a general interest in the community and they will be more interested in you. 

As a person you talk about more then just your business (at least I hope you do).  Do the same for your business.

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