We write a lot of blog posts for Business Notes from Roundpeg. We average eight to ten posts a week, on topics we think small business owners will care about: marketing, social media, networking, web design, strategy and team building.  Some posts are serious and some are informative, some of the posts are sentimental and others are rants.

Each of the members of Roundpeg writes posts from time to time and we regularly invite guests to join us as well.   The blending of our different voices has created a blog which really represents who we are as a company.

We watch our statistics to see which posts get the most traffic and conversation.  There are always a few surprises, like the little posts we thought were “throw aways” that generate lots of interaction.  Here is a list of the most popular posts we have added to the blog this year.  Notice how many different authors have content in our top ten.

  1. Keep Visitors Coming Back  Getting people to your website is only the first step. To be an effective part of your marketing strategy, your web design must look good,  engage visitors and give them reasons to keep them coming back again and again.
  2. What Do You Say?  Make Podcasts Part of Your Web Design Inspired by  Bill Catsky, we began a weekly podcast.  This post is about how we did it and how it is working.
  3. Hike Through a Work Flow – A guest post by Bill Lundy discussing  why every business should periodically review its key workflows looking for ways to improve quality, lower cost or save time.
  4. Why I Am Mean to Interns – Allison explains her unique management style.
  5. Blasts from the Past – Our intern Brittany Wright spent some time digging through the archives of our blog.  She wrote a post sharing what she learned about SEO from these old posts.
  6.  Web Candy When you go to check out in the grocery store, do you ever grab a candy bar from those tempting shelves near the registers? What if your website could do the same thing?
  7. Hardworking…Really? The process of interviewing and hiring interns can be tedious and tiring when they all say the same thing
  8. Faces of Roundpeg, Kyle My Teacher  Part of a series of tributes to Roundpeg employees (past and present), customers, friends and others who have been an important part of our first ten years. This segment is about Kyle Lacy.
  9. Twitter is Supposed to Be Easy  New kid on the block Peter shares some of his early Twitter lessons
  10. Even Dead Fish Float  A guest post by my sales coach, Matt Nettleton.