Our intern Brittany talks about some of the interesting posts she found researching content  from our archive.

I spent the past few days working on SEO for old blog posts in the web design category. It may seem like a boring task, but I actually enjoyed it. Sometimes it feels nice not to be creative all the time and instead read other people’s original ideas. It’s definitely inspiring. I read about things I hadn’t heard or thought of, things that have become obsolete and things I had forgotten about. I want to share some of the more interesting posts and facts with you.

Perhaps the most enlightening post I came across was Improve Your SEO from July 14, 2009. In it, Lorraine shared some of the things she learned from ProBlogger, Darren Rose.  The post included a list of useful tips:

  • Anticipate keywords people will use to search for your company
  • Incorporate those keywords into different parts of your posts – don’t go so overboard that it gets repetitive though
  • Google loves titles – so gets your right
  • Link, link, link. Did I say link? Link to your own posts and to outside sites
  • Utilize plugins. Yoast is a great example of an SEO plugin

In another post, a former intern once described not taking advantage of SEO tools while running your business website like with running in shoes without laces. While you are unlikely to be in danger of physical injury, the risk to your business is real.

  • Without a solid focus on SEO, you will find yourself tripping and falling as you attempt to drive traffic and connect with potential prospects and clients.

The beauty of WordPress is that Google, and other search engines, like it. That is so important! Roundpeg talks about their switch to building websites from WordPress a lot, but I stumbled across a post that was written almost two years ago that really explains some key advantages

  • Allows creation of simple websites that clients can update themselves
  • Building a new site is quick
  • WordPress sites perform better in searches than the old style, frame based sites
  • CMS solution & extremely effective for small business owners

As a new intern, I think it was really helpful to look at previous blog posts. Of course I always read our blog, but going back to the basics is always fun.

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