About 18 months ago, we stopped designing traditional websites.  I said goodbye to Dreamweaver and FrontPage, and embraced WordPress.  We initially made the change because it allowed us to quickly create simple websites our small business clients could update for themselves.

Along the way, we discovered other benefits.  Our WordPress  sites seemed to perform better in searches then the old style, frame based sites.  At the time, we didn’t really know why, but assumed it was because WordPress  presented information to search engines  in a way which enabled indexing.

Turns out, we were right.   At the MBO conference a few weeks ago, I had a chance to listen to my friend John Nichols talk about web design.  He clearly explained why Google ( and other search engines) have a difficult time categorizing information presented in old style Frame-Based sites.

And while Flash and lots of pictures may appeal to live human beings, the search engines prefer text, with important information both headlined and in bold.

So take a look at your website?  Is it time for a change?  If you are still living with a frame based site which requires significant technical expertise to make even the slightest change, you are missing huge opportunities to present new information to search engines.  And, with no new information, you will find yourself dropping in search rankings.

WordPress is not the only CMS solution, but for small business owners, we have found it to be extremely effective.

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