The intern interview season is coming to an end.  We looked through stacks of resumes, and interviewed countless enthusiastic candidates.  While we enjoyed the conversations it  is difficult to stay focused and interested as the fifth candidate of the week  tells us they should be hired because they are hardworking.

Really…. is that the best you can come up with?  Just in case you are curious, almost every candidate who came through our door said the same thing. They are hardworking.  But, this isn’t a job which requires physical labor.  We are looking for smart, creative, talented, collaborative individuals with an appetite for challenges and new experiences.

So to that end, we have decided next year to select our interns with a reality tv show.  We are currently working on the title:

  • Last Intern Standing
  • Roundpeg’s Idol
  • Roundpeg’s Top Intern

The challenges might include:

  • Designing a logo on a lap top with only one hour of battery life
  • Creating a brochure for a client whose  feed back is comprised of  one word responses
  • Pitching a story to editors which involves, animals,  babies, and peanut butter.

The elimination phrase at the end of each challenge?   You are the weakest intern… goodbye…

Ok, so I guess I am kidding, and I will have to rely on traditional measures to find candidates for our future internships.  The good news, we have selected our candidates for the summer. Scott Pfeiffer, Stephanie Boyden, Stephanie Starks and Melissa Henig.  And if we had run the competition, I am pretty sure each one of them would have been up to the challenges.

Over the next few weeks you will meet them as they add their unique voice to Roundpeg’s blog, twitter and our fan page.  Be sure to say hi, and see why we know there are NO Weak Links at Roundpeg.