More changes at Roundpeg this week as Peter Wolfgram joins the team as an intern.  We have a full team in the little white house, and everyone has something to say. Many of them put their thoughts into words on our blog.  If you missed any of their contributions, you can find them all here.

Saturday – Interns Move Small Business Forward
Guest blogger, Lindsey Paho, a writer at Professional Intern, gives you reasons to “hire” an intern—it’s a learn-learn situation.

Sunday – How to Improve SEO with a Great Title
Finding the right balance between catching readers’ attention and including important key words will pay off in search engine optimization.

Monday – Would You Jump Off the Roof for Social Media?
Everyone is using social media but should your business jump also?

Tuesday – Finding Time for Social Media
If you think of social media as not only marketing but also as a very useful tool in engaging current or potential customers than you may be more likely to allocate time to this tool.

Wednesday – 3 Things Every Business Needs to Know
You can call him Pete or you can call him Peter, but this is the place to meet our new graphic design intern.

More than a Few Words – Whale Hunting

Barbara  Weaver Smith and Matt Nettleton joined us for a lively conversation about hing for big sales.

Thursday – Online Cataloge Presents Unique Web Design Challenge
One of our newest web redesigns presented unique challenges.