I can still hear my mother, if everyone else jumps off the roof, would you jump too?  Of course not I would say. But as I think about it now, doesn’t it depend on why everyone else is jumping?

Every day we talk to small business owners about social media.  Everyone is doing it and they want to know if they should too.   While I think there is a place for social media in the marketing mix of almost every small business, I do think you should take time to evaluate if it really fits your business model.

Heidi Cohen came up with a really good list of questions you should ask as you develop your  Social Media Marketing Strategy

  1. Does your business tap into people’s passions and/or hobbies?
  2. Can your business show off its work?
  3. Can you give prospects information they find useful
  4. Can you extend your expertise to a broader audience?
  5. Does your business provide reasons for people to gather?
  6. Can your business disseminate fun or related information via social media?
  7. Are there targeted or niche communities where your prospects and customers naturally congregate?
  8. Do major blogs cover your business’s area of expertise?
  9. Does your offering lend itself to creating a small online community and/or bulletin board?

This list can be a terrific media /blogging schedule.  Rotating between sharing work samples, information and fun is a helpful planning tool. From an artist who shares samples of her work, to an insurance company which shares home safety tips, social media can provide a creative conduit to connect with customers.

So, I still don’t endorse just jumping off the roof, but if you have a plan, it will be an easy landing.

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