Not sure what type of celebrations marked the beginning of your Summer, here at Roundpeg we celebrated with Allison’s return from vacation. If you’ve been vacationing, cleaning up from storms or just out of the loop, it’s time to catch up on the Roundpeg blogs.

Saturday –  Social Media is Child’s Play
Lorraine’s thoughts on staying current in this tech savy world and what it means to small business owners.

Sunday – A Whole New Website
Intern Stephanie has enjoyed using WordPress to create new websites and use both the left and right side of her brain.

Monday – Favorite WordPress Plugins
As we researched plugins to chat about for this podcast, we learned about many that are new to us that we will probably use in the future.

More Than A Few Words, LinkedIn and Small Business
This week our podcast  focused on how LinkedIn works  for small businesses.

Tuesday – Hurry Up and Wait
Jay explains how the sales process at Roundpeg is often hurry up and wait, what’s your sales process like?

Wednesday – Small Business HR
Lorraine and Ann Fisher talk about some of the challenges small business owners face with regard to HR compliance.

Thursday – I’ll Take a Burger with a Side of Social Media
Today’s guest post is from Lauren Fiedler ( @brewhouseprlou).  She explains how to build a successful social network for your restaurant.

Friday – More Than a Few Words: Social Media at 25 and 50
Next Wednesday (June 29th) Allison and Lorraine will be discussing the challenges and misconceptions about using social media at any age. Do you have any comments, questions, or tips about using social media to share?