When I was in high school, I spent three years working at a telemarketing agency. It was exactly as horrible as it sounds. However, every situation has its benefits. I became accustomed to,  and even okay with hearing the word “no” (which prepared me for the next ten years of getting turned down for dates). I also developed the ability to pick up on verbal cues and adapt the way I conversed with prospects.

Selling a client relationship isn’t like selling a ten dollar pamphlet over the phone. In our business, prospects aren’t just buying your services, they’re buying you. It’s a much more in-depth decision, driven by both logic and emotion.

Long-term decisions mean a long-term decision making process. As a sales person, you’re forced to develop something you’re probably hard-wired not to possess…patience. Working at an Indianapolis web design firm, we exercise this patience on a daily basis.

Yesterday, we closed a web design project, on which we began preliminary conversations with the clients about three months ago. The client is a partnership made up of five different partners (which means five different decision-makers.) We had to convince five people of  two things:

  1. Roundpeg had the capability to satisfy their needs
  2. Roundpeg could build a relationship that would be beneficial for both of us.

I’m not someone who likes do go out and hunt. I don’t have a typical “closer’s mentality”. For me, the most satisfying part of my job is the fact that I get to build relationships that last. In our industry, relationships are the difference between success and failure.

What’s the sales process like at your company? Is it driven by your products or services, or by the relationships you build in the community?

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