In the most updated version of the Social media Revolution video, one comment stuck out more then most of the statistics I had seen before: Kindergarteners will learn on iPads not chalk boards. Children, barely toddlers comfortably reach for their parent’s iphones and ipads, navigating their way through the maze of applications to find the ones they enjoy.

We are working with Plow Digital, to help them build a social media presence for  Giggle Bear an iPhone game application geared for girls ages 4 – 12. I don’t know what is more amazing; that the application was actually conceived by a 12 year old girl or that I watched my friends 18 month old daughter snatch my iPhone, giggling as she tried to figure out the application.

Social media, computers, online applications still puzzle some of my peers, but our children and grandchildren dive into the pool as if they have been swimming their whole lives, because they have.

What does this mean for small business owners? If you are not tech literate, your days are numbered. With each year, more and more of your customers will expect you to be online, with websites, online catalogs, customer service and in some product categories even service delivery.  The question:  Will you be ready?

My friends often ask how I stay current on all the technology and where I learned what I know.  The answer is simple, a little bit every day. Trying to learn an entire systems is exhausting, but one new function is child’s play.  So if you want to be in business in the next few years, and you are not comfortable with technology, it is time to go back to school.