From flying on a US Air Force mission, to launching our interns on their summer projects, this has been a very busy week at Roundpeg.  It you haven’t been to the blog all week, you have missed alot!! For example:

Friday – My Day on a Refueling Mission
Find out why the Air Force invited Lorraine to fly the friendly skies.

Saturday – Where Are You?
Jay explains the power of  location leveraging tools.

Sunday  – The Lessons Were the Same This Year
Lessons learned while walking the mini-marathon can also be applied to small businesses.

What Do You Want to Know About Our Interns?
We’d like to introduce you to our summer interns using our handy flipcam.  What questions would you ask them?

Next Big Thing – Rocky Walls
Check out the newest installment of  the Next Big Thing. In this episode, Jay chats with Rocky Walls.

Monday – 5 Ways to Prepare for Intern Onslaughts
Allison offers tips on handling summer interns.

Introducing Social Media Intern Melissa Hennig
Learn a few things about Melissa who will be working with Allison this summer.

Tuesday – QR Codes — Can You Read This?
Are QR codes really the next big thing, or simply hype?

Wednesday – Dealing with Negative Comments on the Web
What to do about negative reviews.

Thursday – Introducing..Summer Intern Stephanie Boyden
Stephanie explains why Roundpeg is a great fit for her internship.

Blogging for More than SEO
While there are lots of valid reasons for blogging, find out what we here at Roundpeg think is the best reason of all.

The Social Search: Tweet, Link, and Friend Your Way to a New Job–5/31
Get noticed on social media, and find your next job!