I seems that lately I have been focusing much of my attention on the natural SEO benefits of blogging. As I talk to business owners about their web development project, much of the conversation focus on the integral role the blog will play in driving traffic to the site. While important, SEO is not the only reason to blog.  Kevin Kennedy, writing for Market Path shared 8 good reasons to blog.

His list included driving traffic, building credibility, developing content which could be used elsewhere, support PR activities and creating specific calls to action.  Each is valid reason on its own to consider blogging.  Together, these reasons make a powerful argument, business owners should not ignore.

At Roundpeg, we blog for all those reasons, and one more.  Blogging lets people get to know us, individually and as a group.  As you read Business Notes from Roundpeg, you will see Allison’s true gift for words, Jay’s passion for people, Taylor’s talent for telling stories through pictures.  You will travel with us on our adventures through Indianapolis, meet our interns, and from time to time you will enjoy one of our customer service rants.

I think our blog, is the best part of the Roundpeg website, because in our posts, we share the best parts of who we are.  Prospects who take the time to read our blog, are usually pre-sold before they walk in the door.  They feel then know us, and come prepared for fun, smart marketing, and a visit with Maybee and Clyde.

If you are not blogging yet, you should be. And if you are simply repeating summaries of what you find elsewhere, that is a start, but let a little of you come through and watch your engagement grow.