I walked the mini marathon again this year.  I think it was the 10th time in the last 15 years.  It wasn’t my best time, wasn’t my worst,  I walked with my brother and daughter (who left me in the dust) and my friend, Hazel Walker.  Our final time will not set any world records, but I enjoyed the walk, and I am  content with the time.

As we walked through Indy, along with 50,000 of our closest friends, (trust me, they become close around mile 5) there was time to learn a few things worth sharing here. Most of this wisdom was found on the backs of other runners and walkers. (some of these were actually from my post from last year, and some are new)

  1. Finishing in last place is better than not finishing, which is significantly better than not starting – This applies to so many parts of our life. All too often, I run across business owners who are holding back, waiting for some imaginary starting gun instead of jumping into the race.
  2. The miracle is not that I have finished, but that I had the courage to start! – This was on the back of a runner with one leg bandaged. Clearly he was overcoming challenges to be there, but he was there. Can you put your challenges aside?
  3. 13.1 Miles? I thought it was 1.3! – The lesson here is that sometimes it is best not to know how really long something will take. Had I known how long it would take to get my business off the ground, I am not sure I would have started.
  4. Mile 1 – Let’s go, Mile 4 – Feeling Good, Mile 8  – Are we there yet? Mile 12 – FU, Mile 13 – Beer Me – The trip to a successful business never goes quite as planned.  There is a high when you launch, impatience along the way, and a moment when you wonder why you are doing it.   But suddenly you come round the finish line, and there is a sign of relief, because you know you have arrived.  When you do, be sure to celebrate, because there are another 14 miles ahead of you.
  5. Other people can do it with bigger burdens then you – This was not on a T-shirt, but the thought popped into my head as I looked over and saw representatives of the Wayne Township Fire Department walking in FULL GEAR. ( And as a side note, I can rest easier knowing they can do that, just in case I ever need them!) I was especially impressed when Fireman Kyle stopped to pose for a photo at mile 12, and then jogged off toward the finish line. Watching him, I wasn’t as tired anymore.
If you have never walked the mini, now is a great time to start training for next. And if you were out there with me today – congratulations, whatever your finish time.  Hope you rewarded yourself with a hot shower, a nap, an Advil, and maybe a cold beer!