March is roaring in like a lion.  It isn’t just the weather, sales activity is roaring as well.   It seems the ecomomy is finally coming out of a very long cold winter and we are hearing from lots of business owners who are ready for a new season of their business.

While we are chatting with new customers, and friends who are experiencing the same type of upswing in their business, we still have time to write blog posts.   If you have been too busy to stop by this week, here is what you missed

Saturday- Is a Picture Worth 1,000 Words? – Strong visuals make a statement, but the wrong picture creates confusion.  My thoughts on a one page business plan

Sunday- Blogging Made Simple – Think you’re too busy to blog? Shortcut your way to blog content.

Monday- Wow Clients by Underwhelming Them – Simplify your message so your customers understand you.  This post was inspired by a letter from a client who thanked us for keeping our messages simple.

Tuesday- Even Dead Fish Float – Guest blogger, Matt Nettleton suggests that your sales team is in control of your future and unless you know they are working from the right strategy, in the right structure and have the right skills, even the recovery is going to be a challenge.

Wednesday- What’s Your Company Worth? – Even if  you work for someone else, you are your own company, and it is never too early to start cultivating your personal brand identity.

Thursday- I Ain’t No Follow Back Girl Allison shares her ideas on who to follow back in the Twitterverse.