I like strong visuals, but sometimes I think the wrong picture simple adds to the confusion.   The image below is one such example.  I found it in a post on the Church of the Customer Blog.  While I typically enjoy their blog and agree with many of their suggestions, I think this one is way off target.

The graphic below is supposed to be a simple, one page snapshot of a strategic plan. It is pretty to look at, but impractical to create. I like the organization but I think I would spend more time trying to create the visual then working on the plan.  What do you think?

One Page Business Plan

Don’t get me wrong, I think small business owners need a business plan.  And I agree with the authors, it doesn’t have to be a formal bound document. It can be a simple one page summary of objectives, goals, strategies and tactics.   I just think it should be easy to create and update, and I think this would be neither.

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