I got the nicest note from a prospect (now a client) after our first meeting.  He said:

I found the information shared very valuable and very easy to understand. Most folks try to wow us with technical barb and it becomes so confusing… you guys did not (thanks)

As a former school teacher, I was trained to break complex concepts into smaller, easy to understand elements. It seems that skill is an asset in my marketing consulting sessions as well.

Too often subject matter experts think they have to impress their prospects with their knowledge, and instead make them feel uncomfortable.  Why would someone want to hang around you if you make them feel uncomfortable?

We often encourage engineers and technical people to “dumb down” their writing.   Why?  It is easier to grasp the important concepts it the language is simple, clear, and direct.  Even the New York Times and Wall Street Journal write on an 8th grade reading level.

So what about you?  Are you so busy sounding smart that you are running off prospects.  Or are you taking the time, to simplify your messages to make customers feel comfortable talking to you?

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