When I started Roundpeg nine years ago, if a small business owner told me they didn’t have a website, I gently told them they needed to make a change.   Five years ago, I began insisting they join the modern era and get a website.

Today, I insist they add a blog, to add content, create links, and improve visibility on search engines. Usually, when I suggest adding a blog, my clients will tell me they don’t have time to write blog posts, becuase they are too busy responding to customer email inquiries to find the time to write.

In a recent post, one of my favorite Bloggers:  Darren Rose shares a tip on how to use the content from emails as a foundation for your blog.  He found if he responded to a question from one reader in an email, then copied it for his blog, it took very little editing to make it appropriate for the wider audience.  The second benefit was a blog which was written in a more personal style.

This is a great strategy for any type of business. Take a few minutes and review recent email, quotes and proposals.  Is there language you can use to describe what you do, or what you feel is important for people to know about you, your product and your company.   As you respond to emails copy the content to a blog draft right away.  You don’t have to finish it just then.  Instead use the content to jump start your thinking process when you are ready to write your blog post.

Blogging is an important part of your marketing, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming activity.