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Need a new website or comprehensive content program? The team at Roundpeg is ready to help.

But, if our full-service programs are more than you need right now We also offer small packages.

So, if you need small updates to your existing website, a marketing plan you can execute, or just a bit of advice, select an option below and see what we can do.

85% of small businesses rely on email marketing. Why? Because it works.

Let us help you get started. We will…


  • Create a free trial of Constant Contact (our favorite email marketing tool)
  • Upload your contacts, creating lists and segments for targeted communication
  • Design a standard template and build your first campaign
  • Create an automated welcome email
  • Train you to manage your email program, including interpreting the reports and cleaning up your lists

connect with customers and prospects

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help google find my business

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Google loves when people use their products. They reward small businesses which create and maintain a Google My Business (GMB) page with more visibility in search results when customers are looking for a company like yours.

If you are ready to get started or want to step up your GMB activity we can help you…

  • Verify your account
  • Optimize your company description
  • Upload images
  • Create products and menus
  • Create a series of status updates
  • Teach you to manage your GMB page and analyze your results

Customers may be up to 57% of the way through their buying cycle before they ever reach out to talk to you for a sales conversation. You can tap into these prospective customers earlier in their buying process with content marketing.  

A comprehensive and effective content program doesn’t happen by accident, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming either. We’ll help you get started with:

  • An annual content calendar complete with monthly theme, blog post topics, contest or poll suggestions, and conversion tool ideas 
  • Two custom blog posts with social share images
  • An email newsletter template and a Constant Contact free trial
  • Social share image template
  • Free Publer social media scheduling account
  • One month’s worth of social media status updates 

generate qualified leads

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rev up your website performance

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You would not drive your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil, adjusting your alignment, or checking under the hood. Without periodic adjustments, even the best cars will run poorly, or worse yet break down when you need it most.

The same is true for your website. Without regular adjustments, its performance will deteriorate over time. That’s why we offer a web tune-up service for WordPress websites. We will:

  • Ensure your website and server are optimized for performance
  • Evaluate your plugins for vulnerabilities
  • Consolidate tools offering duplicate functionality

No one designs a web site to turn off prospective customers or search engines. Unfortunately, as design trends and technology change even a two year old website may no longer be offering your customers and prospects the ideal user experience.

We can help with a simple web audit. In just 30 minutes we can…

  • Provide feedback on your design, content, and conversion strategy
  • Analyze where your traffic is coming from and how to build on your success
  • Provide 3 – 5 specific suggestions for improvement

how good is your website? 

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everything else

Didn’t find what you need? We can build a custom solution for your business.

So if you need a new website or help with your social media, we are ready to chat with you.

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