Web Design

Building a website is an interactive process. To create a site that really reflects your business, we involve you in every step of the project to make sure you have a website you love while we take care of the technical side.

Your website shouldn’t just sit around and look pretty–it needs to attract customers, help them get in touch with you and help you make money. We approach websites with the same strategic approach we use for everything else. We’ll help you perfect the site with interactive features, links to social media sites and ways to get in touch with your customers.


Why do you want a website? Is it to help bring in new prospects or educate the clients you already have? Do you need ecommerce so you can sell your product online or are you more focused on publicizing your events? We sit down and figure out how you’ll be using the website and what functions you really need.


We’re all about flexibility and making sure that web design is a fun experience for you. Love writing? We’re happy to put your own words into the website while offering tips on how to optimize your copy for search engines. Hate writing? No problem: our experienced copy writers can create search engine-optimized copy that speaks in your business’ voice. Don’t have a logo? Not to worry: let our artists create a new brand identity just for you,or we can use your existing logo.


You are an active participant in building your site. While we’re designing the site of your dreams, we’ll keep you in the loop every week with check-in calls to make sure you like where the site’s headed and you know what’s going on.


Don’t let a web company hold your company hostage. Included in your web package, you’ll receive up to two hours of hands-on training with a WordPress expert; you’ll be able to add pages, blog posts, events and other updates to your site on your

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Not sure where to start?  Check out our portfolio, download some of our web design planning worksheets or just read up on what’s new in web design.


Get organized before you start your web design project.