That’s a Wrap – January 2020

by Jan 31, 2020Blog, Content | Social Media | Email, Roundpeg

In 2011 we introduced That’s a Wrap, a weekly summary of blog posts and podcasts. As our marketing programs shifted and we focused on fewer, more high-quality posts, a weekly summary didn’t make sense and we paused the program.

But as a digital marketing firm, we generate a lot of content every month. There are blog posts, podcasts, and additions to our portfolio showing off the work we do for our clients. So we are bringing back a modified version of That’s a Wrap. Published at the end of every month, we’ll share links to all the blogs, podcasts, resources, events, and client projects we’ve been working on in the last month.

So if you don’t have time to come back every week, drop by once a month for That’s a Wrap.

Small Business Marketing Blogs

The Future of UI and UX – Today’s hottest design trends are all about accessibility, personalization, and simplicity. Since these trends are ever-changing, what user-interface and user-experience features can we expect to see in 2020?

More than a Few Words – Celebrating 10 Years! – Our marketing podcast recently turned 10 years old! We took a look at how MTFW has changed and grown over time.

Are you treating your business like a glass slipper? – Social media is not one size fits all. Like the prince with a glass slipper, business owners should search for their perfect social media fit.

Design with Mobile in Mind – One of the most important elements when it comes to design is user experience, and mobile users make up a large amount of today’s web audience. With that in mind, we’ll give you some tips on how to make the most of mobile design.

Subtle Beauty of Micro-Animations – Microinteractions aren’t limited to big names in social media and app design. Read how you can utilize subtle animations to enhance your website!

How to Get to Page One of Google – Every client asks, “Will my website be on page one of Google when it launches?” The short answer is no. The longer answer is not right away, but you can get there if you really work at it.

Owner’s Intuition – Before you “Go with your gut” ask yourself these five simple questions.

 Why I am on Facebook Live Every Monday – Good morning! Welcome to another Monday at the Peg.” If you follow Roundpeg on Facebook there is a good chance you have heard Sam say these words a time or two.

More than a Few Words – Podcast Episodes

We rolled into our ten year anniversary in style with a new website and a twice a week format filled with some terrific conversations. Listen now, or subscribe on iTunes so you never miss another episode.

Small Business Marketing Events and Resources

Last fall we launched the Digital Toolbox and began consolidating all our resources in one convenient location.  If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here’s what you missed this month:

  • Four-part webinar series on content and inbound marketing
  • Short tutorial videos on how to use click segmentation, list segmentation and dynamic content in your email marketing
  • Featured resource: How to shorten your sales cycle
  • Multiple lively discussions in our Facebook group.

To access all the content in the Digital Toolbox, you need to be a member.  The good news – It is free to sign up.  Join today!

Client Projects

In addition to our marketing, we’ve been busy working on exciting projects for clients.  Here are two of our favorites.  A new website for the  Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation and a logo for kNot Today.

IHC on devices
Knot today web res full color

Whew, that was a busy month!  And we have so much more planned for February.  So be sure to come back from time to time, and look for That’s a Wrap on the last day of the month!