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More than a Few Words, our marketing podcast is ten years old. Ten years! When Narinder (Neil) Chaggar, my intern at the time, suggested I try podcasting, I thought it was a fad. But since he was going to do it as a part of his internship, I didn’t think I had anything to lose. So I encouraged him to find an inexpensive solution. Once he found free hosting and free editing software the next thing I knew, I had a podcast!

Every Marketing Podcast Needs a Name

When I started my personal blog, it was called More than a Few Words, alluding to the fact that I always had something to say. Once I migrated all my blog posts to Roundpeg, the name languished until the podcast came along. It was perfect. And MTFW was born.

Lots of things have changed over the year as we have experimented with different design styles, hosting platforms, and formats, but through it all More than a Few Words has always been an informal conversation with old friends and new. As we get ready for our second decade, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the changes we’ve made along the way.

Every Marketing Podcast Needs  Cover Art

More than a Few Words has had more than a few logos and cover images over the years. We adjusted the colors and fonts to coordinate with changes we were making to the Roundpeg brand. The newest version released today matches the lighter, fresher feel of the Digital Toolbox. It is the first one to feature me as the host.


More than a Few Words Blog Talk Radio
MTFW Logo green
MTFW Logo 2017 Blue
2017 2019 MTFW
2020 cover art

Podcast Format Changed Over Time

The very first episodes were brief  2 – 3 minute conversations with friends who dropped by. Usually we would be talking about some marketing trend, and I would just turn on the recording and share a snippet of the conversation with my audience.

About that same time, I started recording short inspirational episodes. I was president of Rainmakers, and many of my short presentations ended up as podcasts and my podcasts ended up as presentations.

#4 I Will Not Be Run Over by the Economy

by Lorraine Ball

Then came Blog Talk Radio and our 30-minute call show. Guests came from around the city and around the world. We dove into topics in greater detail and added live tweeting to the interactions.

Each episode was then downloaded and saved onto Podbean so we could distribute the recordings to iTunes.

Business Networking and Sex

by Hazel Walker

While the live conversations were fun, it was obvious that most of our audience was consuming the content as a recording. Letting go of the live element freed us in several ways. Now we could record when we had time, and the episodes could be as long or as short as we wanted.

We also made the transition away from regular guests. Roundpeg was growing, social media was exploding and we were exploring so many new marketing ideas, that it was easy to fill the schedule with just our conversations.

Alison Carter, my content team lead, became my regular cohost and the show reflected the comfortable banter that could be heard around the office on any given day.

How to Market Services No One Wants to Buy

by Allison Carter

When Allison moved on, Jarred Juett took her position and the role of co-host, bringing a more theoretical slant to the conversations.

Through the years the faces have changed as people have come and gone, so I have continued the employee interviews on more of a rotational basis. Each conversation would focus on whatever someone was working on at any given time. These shorter conversations, 10 – 12 minutes in length, gave us a chance to offer marketing tips in little bites.

Do What Your Competitors Aren't

by Jarred Juett

Which brings us to today. After a decade, More than a  Few Words is still a marketing conversation for business owners. It is now part of our Digital Toolbox, a collection of resources for business owners.

Twice a week, (Tuesdays and Fridays) the shows feature conversations with marketing professionals and thought leaders from around world and the talented team here at Roundpeg.

MTFW has a new home.

Now that our podcast is all grown up it is time for it to leave the nest. MTFW has a new home. We’ve taken the episodes out of the Roundpeg website.

If you are curious about the guests, want to read a transcript or learn more, be sure to drop by the new 

What’s next?

For now, we like the format, and our audience seems to as well, so you can expect more of these short conversations available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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